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Main Street Baptist Church
582 West Main Street
Lexington, Kentucky 40507

Elder D. J. Ward
In Memory Of
Elder D. J. Ward
Conference Founder

Men's Conference

Chattanooga, TN

A letter from Elder G.M. Spotts ...

Beloved Brothers:

I bring greetings in the name that is above all names, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I pray this letter finds each of you filled with grace and power that comes only from our Lord. I am writing today, on behalf of the grace churches here in Chattanooga, Tennessee to inform everyone that after much discussion and debate, we have thought it wise to cancel this year’s Men’s Conference. This decision is based on extremely poor registration. As of this week, we have received only five registrations, as opposed to about 200 hundred this time last year.

Brothers, we spend around $12,000.00 dollars or more to host this conference annually and in this economy, we cannot afford to host it with such poor response and commitment. We would be poor leaders of our own flocks, to host this conference, when there appears to be little passion or desire from the men, concerning it. This may not be the case, but we cannot spend thousands of dollars planning and preparing and the participants may or may not show up!

It pains us not to have the Men’s Conference this year, but we look forward to seeing everyone here, at the Main conference in August. Information will be forthcoming very soon concerning the August conference. In August, we will have a meeting with all the men to discuss ways on how to make the Men’s Conference more viable for future years.

On behalf of Resurrected Baptist Church (Pastor Jacks), New Vernon Grove Baptist Church (Pastor Toney) and New Home Baptist Church (Elder Spotts), grace and peace to you all, it is our collective prayer that we will all grow as a conference, according to the will of our Sovereign God.

Because of Christ, your servant and brother,

Elder G.M. Spotts

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Dr. Richard Belcher
Theology Overview - Day 1
Theology Overview - Day 2
Theology Overview - Day 3
Dr. Greene
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Elder Jackson
Genesis 18
Dr. Roger Skepple
Biblical Exegesis - Day 1
Biblical Exegesis - Day 2
Biblical Exegesis - Day 3
Elder Wren
Jesus and the Issues of Life
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Elder Keelan Atkinson
God Tested Abraham - Genesis 22:1-2
Elder Wayne Cornelius
The Work of the Father's Son Hebrews 7:25
Elder Richard Lewis
We Must Learn To Trust God - Psalm 138:1-8
Elder David Morris
Lesson 1
Lesson 2 (contains some audio technical difficulties)
Lesson 3 (contains some audio technical difficulties)
Elder Roger Skepple
The Marks of Good Biblical Preaching, Part 1
The Marks of Good Biblical Preaching, Part 2

The Marks of Good Biblical Preaching, Part 3

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Elder Kenan McWhorter
The Enemy Can Quote It, But They Don't Know The One Who Wrote It

Elder David Morris

God's Unspeakable Gift
Elder Roger Skepple
Called To Be A Disciple Of Jesus Christ
Our Explanation Of The Gospel
A Fervent Plea To Restore The Gospel Call To The Church

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